Meditation and Gratitde

Ways Of Expressing Gratitude with Thoughtful Meditation

Gratitude is a gracious acknowledgment of all that sustains us, a bow. Gratitude is the trust in life itself. In it, we feel how the same force that pushes grass through cracks in the pavement invigorates our own life….Gratitude receives in wonder the myriad offerings of rain and sunlight, the care that supports every single life.

I thank You God for most this wonderful
day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
And a blue true dream and for everything
which is natural that is infinite which is yes

”Thank you” is a huge head-shift, from believing that God wants our joyful yak plus a public demonstration and is deeply considering our views of the individuals we despise, to feeling quiet gratitude, humbly and surprisingly, without shame at having been so blessed.

Near-death experiences and encounters with one’s own mortality are frequently clarifying tools with which cleave to the essence and to cut away inessentials. Illnesses and injuries can create precisely the same reinvigorated desire and gratitude.

Gratitude is a method of undercutting your egotism….That awakening, that consciousness, transforms your manner of dealing with life, with folks, and with all things.

To live a life of gratitude would be to open our eyes to the multitudinous ways that the whole world around us supports us.

Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are numerous ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

One Christmas in the very beginning of your twenties when your mother provides you a warm coat that she saved to buy, do not look at her after she tells you she believed the coat was perfect. Don’t hold up it and say it is overly bouffant and more than you like your coats to be and maybe even too warm. Your mum will probably be dead by spring. That coat is going to be the last gift your mother gave you. You are going to repent the little thing you did not say for the remainder of your life.

It seems that bliss–a second-by-second joy gratitude of being alive, conscious, at the gift –lies of crushing, crushing indifference, on the other side. Pay close focus on the most tedious thing it is possible to see (tax returns, golf that is televised) and, in waves, a boredom like you have never known will wash over you and just about kill you. Ride out these, and it’s like stepping from black and white into colour. Like water after days in the desert. Constant ecstasy in every atom.


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