Couples Yoga Poses – Two is More Fun

Yoga is no more considered to be a sole practice. The popularity or couples yoga is increasing, whether side by side is merely stretching or aiding each other in many different poses.

Doing yoga together with your partner is one means of practicing communication with each other, because you need to be attentive to your own partner’s body in each pose you do collectively. For a lot of couples, it is a way of being present with each other and deepening the connection between two individuals.

Advanced professionals of partner yoga have made it look like an art form, which could be intimidating for newcomers. It’s best to bear in mind that the practice of yoga needs great patience and approval of the entire body’s limitations. This sequence is good where one partner might have a bit of backdrop in yoga.

Sun Salutations that are side-By-Side

Ease to the practice while standing side-by-side by going through the basic sun salutation. The aim in this sequence would be to try breathe and to move in sync with your partner.

Sun Salutation Guide

A guide to all twelve poses in the Sun Salutation (surya namaskara). The poses can be done solo, but are more fun when performed side-by-side as couples.

Double Forward Bend

Facing each other, sit on the floor and reach in a forward bend towards your toes. Press the bottoms of your feet into your partner’s as well as clasp hands to take the intensity to a level that is new.

Seated Twist

In this pose, both partners sit in a cross legged seated position facing each other. Inhale and lengthen your back away and upward from your tailbone. Exhale and every partner turns to the right, you both reaching your right arm and holding your partner’s left hand and repeating on the other side. Deepen by gently pulling on your hands, this pose.

Downward Dog with Back Bend

One partner gets into down-facing dog pose. Another partner, position your feet on both sides of the down-dogging partner’s hands and use your hands to lower yourself onto your partner’s back. Afterward, extend your arms overhead, letting your weight rest upon your partner’s back. Stay to get a few breaths, and then trade areas.

Forward Bend

One partner gets right into a forward bending, along with the other gently sits on her or his lower back and reclines into a back-bend. Then, take your arms up and out and extend his or her lower above your face. Your seated partner can reach for the wrists and pull them forwards, to add in a shoulder opener. Remain in this pose for a few breaths, and then trade places.


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